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Applications closing on 19, July 2024


Applicant Registration

This form must be filled by all applicants willing to work with edvi as a tutor. Form is used for screening applicants. You are advised to be careful and practice diligence while filling this form.

  • We never charge any registration fee from tutors.

  • Demo classes are free for the customer and no payment is made to the Tutor for it.

  • Relationship of Tutor with edvi is purely contractual.

  • Incomplete or casually filled forms will lead to rejection.

  • Applicant need to upload their Photo (Preferably Passport Size).Please keep it handy. It is Optional.

  • If you have a 5-10 mins demo video, please keep the link handy. Sharing demo video is Optional.

  • If you have a CV, please keep it handy. Uploading a CV is Optional.


  • Are tutors able to choose their own teaching hours?

    Yes. There is a dedicated question in this form where you can specify day-wise availability

  • How much will I be paid per hour for this job?

    Hourly pay is suggested by AI based on your educational credentials, teaching experience, expertise, subjects you teach, boards/curriculum you can handle and interview parameters. This rate will be shared after the interview. Regardless, it would not be less than 160 INR/hr and can be significantly higher for candidates with greater abilities and experience.

  • What setup do I need to take online classes?

    Laptop, Wi-Fi and Pentab.

  • How can I get update on application status?

    You can write email to support@edvi.app with subject line- "Waiting for Application Status: YourName- MobNo"

  • How does payment work?

    Payment is settled digitally on monthly basis.

  • Is experience with international curriculums such as IB, Cambridge International required?

    No, but you must possess good spoken and written English skills along with ability to express your thoughts in engaging ways. Subject matter expertise is also very important. If you lack English language skills you would be provided only CBSE, ICSE students.

  • Will I get support in content and books?

    Yes. If you need we will provide this help. But you have to lead lesson planning.

  • Will I have to follow some content prescribed by edvi?

    No. We don't enforce content. It is the curriculum and student's learning needs that would define what content will be most effective. We will guide you whenever required.

  • Can I get training from edvi on international curriculums?

    Yes. You can write email to support@edvi.app with subject line- "Need Training on Cambridge IGCSE: Your Name- MobNo"

  • Can I work anywhere else while working for edvi?

    Yes. You are free to work anywhere including with our competitors.

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