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Kanika Sehgal



Teaches till grade 12 to students from India, UK & Singapore. Always rated 10 🌟 by parents.


Spoken English tutor


Teaches all age groups. Exceptional ability to help students become fluent English speakers.

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Rigorous screening of all Tutors

We select only the best. Less than 6% tutors are selected through screening process

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All classes are conducted online onΒ  edvi Live- our comprehensive digital classroom platform

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Mamta Singh


Her daughter is taking private tuitions for

Maths & Science - Grade 10 - ICSE

Vyomesh Bhawsar


His son is taking private tuitions for

Chemistry & Biology - Grade 10 - CBSE

Ajay Kumar

New Delhi

His daughter is taking private tuitions for

PCM & English - Grade 12 - IGCSE


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Frequently Asked


We provide private tutors for all grades and all boards - IGCSE, IB, CBSE, ICSE, ISC, etc.

We only charge monthly fee on an advance basis. So you pay only for 1 month at the beginning.

Yes, if you inform the edvi team before-hand, we always will reschedule your classes free of cost as per the tutor's availability.

Demo classes are free for everyone, everytime. We want our students to be sure about the tutor before they commence their learning journey with us.

We only provide tutors for private (one to one) classes. We don't have any group classes.

Yes, we have qualified and experienced tutors for IB & IGCSE boards.

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